Question about teaching in rural AK with young kids

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    Question about teaching in rural AK with young kids

    My wife and I are both certified out of the state. We have registered for the Anchorage job fair and are planning to attend. We are seeking employment as a teaching couple, and we feel like our certifications and experience will help us, especially in bush areas. My wife is certified in foreign languages, but has a lot of experience teaching English to non English speakers. We have both lived and served in the rural areas of the South and Central America in the past, so adapting to different cultures. 

    Here's where we are and the biggest issue we are trying to figure out, so any input or advice from some of you experienced teachers in AK is welcome ...

    We have four kids, three of which would be considered "school age", ranging from K - 2nd grade. Our fourth will probably be right on the line for being a little too young for PreK next year. I have researched several districts and schools that have the Pre-K programs, and others who start at kindergarten. Does anyone have experience with any of the Pre-K programs in some of the rural areas? We are focusing on teaching in the bush, as we would like to have our kids at the same school / building we are in. As for housing, we would obviously have to find a 3 bedroom to us. 

    Right now, I see two possible scenarios ... The first is that we are able to find a district / school that would allow our youngest to go to the Pre-K program, even if it's a year early. The second one would be one of us staying home with her for a year, but still being able to meet in the school in some capacity. The following year, the hope would be. 

    Just throwing that out of there for anyone. We are excited about it and looking forward to the job fair. We're just trying to figure out the best way to work this first year.

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