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13.01.17 Petrozavodsk: Перевалка Finnish: Взрослый, нулевые знания  
13.01.17 Moscow: Красносельский English: "Подтянуть" устную и письменную английскую речь. Подготовка к сдаче каких-либо тестов не требуется. Обсуждаю только варианты занятия на территории преподавателя. Варианты занятий в кафе не рассматриваю. 1500 RUR  
13.01.17 Moscow: Красносельский English: "Подтянуть" устный и письменный английский язык. Цели сдать по итогам курса на какой-либо сертификат нет. 1500 RUR  
12.01.17 Moscow: Moscow Russian for foreigners: Hello Dear I have planned to travel, by bicycle, from Moscow to Bangkok in a couple of months. .! I,ll be at Moscow ,next, at 19.01.17 . I need to study Russian. ...I am a beginner, sure ,I know a few words, but not much..I would like to have private Lessons but I can't pay more than 8 US a hour. ..but I would like to have about 60 hours a month. ..In fact I had a agreement with a teacher but I can't reach him any more. ..Do not ask me why...This is a serious inquiry and so send me a message in case of interest. .In might book a hostel in the center of Moscow! Kindly Regards and thanks Hans 8 USD  
12.01.17 Moscow: Moscow Russian for foreigners: Hello ... I have planned to come to Moscow at the 19.01.17. I would like to study Russian for a c ouple of weeks. I have contacted many teachers and had a agreement with one of them. But all of a sudden ,they do not answer any more! What makes it so difficult to find a teacher? Why they agree and disappear afterwards? ...Is it the money? I mean ,sure ...500 Rubber is not that much for a private lessons, but calculated with 60 hours a month. ..It is not that bad! I would like to spend more..but I can't and so what about you? I have probably contact you be for and so...what do you think? This is a serious inquiry. ..let me know about...We could start around the 20.01...About me ..as soon the Cold is gone ..I, ll be of to Bangkok. .on bicycle! Kindly Regards and thanks for the answer. ...Hans the cyclist 8 USD  
10.01.17 osipovichi: Любой Belarusian: Сегодня наш лучший результат - 17 баллов. Нужна срочная интенсивная подготовка!  

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